May 10, 2013

Salted Peanuts

The prompt for today's blog post is Most embarrassing moment.  A few days back the prompt was things that make you uncomfortable and one of the things I listed was in fact people embarrassing themselves and others.  So, I won't be posting about something that embarrassed me.  Not sure frankly why anyone would.  Why embarrass yourself all over again, here on the net where it will be FOREVER!

Reminds me a bit of the tv show where newly weds answered questions about each other for prizes.  One of the questions was what's the one thing your spouse wouldn't want you to say....soooooooo you go on National TV and you say the item your spouse wouldn't want you to say?  DAHHH, I think this is where someone should Gibs slap ya.

Instead I leave you with a little story from my childhood.  Waiting for our car after a big day of shopping in the city.  You know back when people parked your car in the garage and retrieved it for you.  A little boy beside me offers to share his peanuts with me ....the type in the shell.  I'd never had peanuts in the shell before.  Popped that whole thing in my mouth, wondered why they were so hard to chew, when my Mom noticed the situation and explained how to crack the shell and eat the peanut inside the shell.  From memory, I think I was 6 maybe. 

**Question, in the upper left corner where it looks like a torn piece of notebook paper by each blog posts, I used to see the date.  I'm no longer seeing the date and wondered if you were?  Any idea's why part of my blog theme would just disappear?  I'm using Moz. FF as my browser.

****For all people in google+ and Disgus Blog folks, I've written about problems I'm seeing all over the net in the last week to 10 days.  If you're losing visitors, and comments and wonder what's going on, PLEASE read this post.  And respond, there's been much discussion and I'm trying to help folks by getting the word out.  If you're considering joining google+, I would encourage you to hold for awhile until the fix for this problem is more at hand**** 

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  1. Stopping by from the A-Z. I see from the post above that Google+ is being naughty! Sigh - I need to look at this, as I have not noticed a problem with followers or comments.

  2. Hi Sandy, I understand what you mean by not sharing most embarrassing moments and that tv show question is outrageous. I am only partly doing the May challenge, because I don't have the time to commit fully, but I'm taking a look around at some of the other blog posts and plan to post once or twice a week from now on. I don't know how you maintain the energy to do so much for so long. I look forward to reading more posts.

  3. By the way i can't see the date and sorry I have no idea why.

  4. Thanks Julie and Ida for the visits. Thanks Ida for letting me know about the lack of date. I'm wondering what happened or how to fix it?

  5. Bless your heart. I hope you didn't have any tummy troubles. I wonder why the little boy didn't say something to you.

    Have you made any changes in your blog? I added something to mine where I had to insert code so that I could have the interest logo work when people mouseover photos. It takes them directly to my pinterest account. That was cool until I realized that, for some reason, I did something to make it impossible for me to respond directly to comments on my blog. Now I'm scared to try to fix it.

    Just wondering...

  6. Thanks Milo for the visit, don't think I ate enough before people realized, so I was ok. I generally think it's best to make slow changes to blogs in order not to fowl up really big. I would think the only thing you would need to do is do a search for the html code and delete it? I've not done a thing with Pinterest, other then joining long ago so not versed on that...but from a blogging standpoint. I would go to your dashboard, click the save button while on the html side of things that way you have a back up first, then do the search and delete code part.

  7. Cute story from your childhood!

    I've been hearing a lot about drama involving Google + and blogger, but nothing has been really clear. I understand that some default setting change has made it so people can't comment or can't find certain blogs, but there's nothing really solid about what this default setting is or whether it's within Google + itself or it's on the blogger end.

  8. It's definitely google+ Emily because that's the only place there's a problem and the people I've been able to notify of the problem who have google+ have been able to fix it. But, I need someone who is google+ to tell me how they fixed it so I can help spread the word. Everyone I've notified was totally unaware why they weren't getting visits and comments back.

  9. I have the same embarrassment squick - I can't watch some scenes in films and TV shows because they make me squirm. If you've never seen a peanut in a shell before I imaging it is hard to figure out, especially if you've had the hard boiled ones that are in the same shape :).


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